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Welcome to the Lakeshore Chorale!

"Sound Waves"

What does "Sound Waves" mean to you? Do you think of waves crashing on the shore of Lake Michigan, or the gentle ripple of waves you wade through as you play near the beach? Or does it make you think of musical sounds - melodic, harmonic, rhythmic? Or are you a someone who thinks in scientific terms of an oscillation of pressure transmitted through material, resulting in hearable frequencies?

Lakeshore Chorale, in their 2014-2015 season hopes to bring all of these thoughts, memories, and sounds together in one beautiful season of choral music.

"Whiskers, Tails, and Tunes" will be our season opening concert - a unique evening of music and animals - a fun collaboration with various animal organizations!

We're again presenting our Valentine's Day Gala at Grace Episcopal Church, Sheboygan - a concert/gala that has sold out each year since its introduction, so be sure to get your tickets early! Season ticket holders are guaranteed entrance and receive a saving on the ticket price.

We WILL be holding a Messiah Sing-Along this year on December 21st, 2014. Hope you can join us to sing along!

Check out our concert page for details and to purchase tickets.


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Lakeshore Chorale's music tree logo: We have our roots firmly planted in the traditions of choral music, as well as in the lakeshore community. We have grown, and continue to grow, musically as well as with expansion of our chorale and youth chorale choirs; our branches have reached young singers, seasoned singers, instrumentalists from all over the state; our music has touched lives in the Sheboygan area, throughout the state, and (in our travels), throughout the United States and Europe.

About Us

Consisting of one adult choir and three children’s choirs, Lakeshore Chorale performs a wide variety of choral literature throughout each five-concert season. Lakeshore Chorale offers the opportunity for continuing musical education and enjoyment for performers, audience, and our community. Quality music for the whole family – Music for Life!

Lakeshore Chorale, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Lakeshore Chorale, Inc. is a member of Sheboygan County Chamber of Commerce.

Lakeshore Chorale, Inc. is a member of Sheboygan Performing Arts (SPA).

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Mission Statement

To establish and maintain a tradition of choral excellence through the performance of significant choral literature.

To offer people the opportunity for artistic growth within choral ensembles.

To create, in the community, an increased awareness of the significance of choral music.

To promote the opportunity for continuing artistic education for the performers, audience, and community.